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Loker PT Vivo Mobile Indonesia  April 2024


Loker PT Vivo Mobile Indonesia  April 2024

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PT Vivo Mobile Indonesia 

PT Vivo Mobile Indoensia merupakan perusahaan elektronika asal Dongguan, Guangdog, Tiongkok yang didirikan pada tahun 2009 oleh Shen Wei. Perusahaan ini adalah anak dari BBK Electronics dengan memproduksi smartphone, perangkat sandang dan layanan berbasis digital. Memiliki produk antara lain Oppo, Realme, OnePlus. Lowongan Kerja PT Vivo Mobile Indonesia. 

vivo adalah perusahaan teknologi yang membuat produk hebat berdasarkan nilai yang didorong oleh desain, dengan perangkat pintar dan layanan cerdas sebagai intinya.


Visi: Berkembang menjadi perusahaan kelas dunia yang lebih sehat dan berkelanjutan. Nilai-nilai inti: Benfen, nilai yang didorong oleh desain, orientasi pada pengguna, pembelajaran tanpa henti, dan semangat tim.

Lowongan Kerja PT Vivo Mobile Indonesia 

Saat ini PT Vivo Mobile Indonesia membuka rekrutmen untuk dapat bergabung bersama dengan posisi sebagai berikut:

1. Human Resources Operational Assistant

Requirements :

  • Bachelor’s degree from any major and passion in HR
  • 1-2 years working Experience in similar work scope, experience in HR Services, Compensation and Benefit, would be a great advantage
  • Good computer literacy (Ms. Office, database systems)
  • Understanding the logic of the Human Resource Information System (system testing, system integration, system evaluation, system development request and last system socialization)
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Able to work as a team member and assist HR members with their tasks
  • Agile, flexible, and well-organized characteristics
  • The ability to keep confidential and sensitive information

Responsibilities :

  • Manage employee database both offline and online, maintaining and updating employee data in HRIS Platform.
  • Provide employee data report for various purposes, including payroll process.
  • Assisting onboarding process for new hire, data collection, contract signing, conduct the presentation related to employee benefit.
  • Operate attandance system and generate attendance record. Monitoring the implementation of attendance reguations.
  • Communicating business needs related to the HR Information System to the vendors, headquarters, users, etc.
  • Preparing and managing HR Letters and other documents relatedto the HR function,i.e.employment letter, working experience letter, permanent employee appointment.
  • Communicating with external parties regarding employment confirmation.
  • Communicating HR requlation and HR guidelines with employees and department assistants, ensuring all employees receive adequatesupport related to HR issues.
  • Participate in HR projects, especially in administrative activities.

2. Office Support Specialist

Requirements :

  • Bachelor’s Degree in any major
  • Minimum 2 years of working experience
  • Conversational English

Responsibilities :

  • Responsible for managing daily sales orders
  • Responsible for inventory and sales related data statistics report
  • Responsible for managing all matters related to logistics partners (payment, contract, distribution)
  • Responsible for connecting with the factory warehouse, PMC business department product planning and other product-related affairs
  • Follow up the contract follow-up/payment, data collection, warehousing communication, etc., to ensure smooth warehousing and delivery
  • Timely notification of material control dimension information (production information, quality control QC, product code replacement, etc.)
  • Participate in the function improvement of ECMS system

3. Product Designer Expert

Requiremens :

  • Education background of bachelor’s degree or above. Design major is preferred.
  • 5+years working experience, major in fashion, design is preferred; Basic design knowledge (color theory, three-dimensional composition, etc.)
  • Design trend agency, consulting company, brand CMF research professionals and other work experience is preferred.
  • Excellent aesthetic ability, creative, open, brave to explore, have a keen sense of aesthetic trends and CMF design trends, can quickly insight into the impact of macro environment and fashion trends on the mobile phone industry.
  • Excellent communication skills and organizational skills; Good analytical skills and rational, objective and rigorous systematic thinking.
  • Fluency is English in required.

Responsibilities :

  • Translate user needs and Indonesian market trends into visually appealing and competitive phone designs.
  • Develop innovative concepts for form materials, color palettes, and texture.
  • Collaborate with engineers/marketing/GTM teams to ensure designs are feasible for production and resonate with target audiences.
  • Responsible for the project of appearance research insight, trend research, and establishment of local appearance recognition. Monitor products and analyze market trends to stay ahead of the curve.
  • Ensure designs prioritize user comfort, intuitive interaction, and seamless integration of technology.

4. Brand Strategy Senior Manager

Requirements :

  • Bachelor’s degree or above in Marketing, Brand Management, or related fields. Fluent in English.
  • Minimum of 7 years of work experience in business consulting, marketing, or brand management.
  • Ability to deeply understand the market and consumer insights and translate them into targeted brand strategies.
  • Familiarity with market research and data analysis methods, capable of making data-driven decisions.
  • Knowledge of digital marketing, social media, and emerging market trends. Possess innovative thinking and problem-solving skills to develop innovative brand strategies in a competitive market environment.
  • Excellent communication and leadership skills, capable of collaborating with different departments to drive the execution of brand strategies.
  • Some knowledge and interest in the smartphone and technology industry.

Responsibilities :

  • Develop and execute brand strategy: Collaborate in formulating brand business plans, and monitor and adjust at different stages to ensure alignment with market demands, competitive environment, and business goals.
  • Market insights and competitive analysis: Gain in-depth understanding of target markets and consumer needs, participate in consumer and market research, and conduct competitive analysis to identify market trends and opportunities, and propose corresponding action plans.
  • Develop and implement brand communication strategy: Based on market and audience insights, as well as competitive analysis, collaborate in formulating brand positioning and brand values, plan and manage integrated brand/corporate communications. Manage brand assets and image, and establish long-term competitive advantages for the brand.
  • Team management and collaboration: Work closely with internal and cross-functional partners within the department to achieve synergy and collaboration effects.

Tata Cara Melamar:

If you are interested and meet the qualifications above, please complete the registration form via the link below:

  1. Posisi 1 | DAFTAR
  2. Posisi 2 | DAFTAR
  3. Posisi 3 | DAFTAR
  4. Posisi 4 | DAFTAR
  • Hati-hati terhadap segala bentuk jenis penipuan, karena lowongan ini gratis tidak ada biaya dalam bentuk apapun